Is your business struggling?

In times of an emotional crisis, where do you turn? Do you call your parents? Maybe a friend? The point is, you turn to someone. Yet, things are different when you are faced with an upset business. You need and should find experts. Business is hard and you need all the help you can get.

You are aware of my shift from property to serving others. I’ve become fully aware of my marketing skills (or lack of). Good content is all well and… errr… good. But, without marketing, you’ll be left with your Mum being your only fan. Hi, Mum.

Well, today I attended an event on digital marketing. That’s The Way To Do It. On ‘Silicon Beach’. Never heard of it? Nor me. It is a cute name Bournemouth has come up with. Apparently, we are the next Silicon Valley. So, in today’s article, I am going to share with you how you can learn to sell in a digital landscape.

Mike Hawkyard – Amuzo

Left with the difficult task of opening up. He demonstrated a game he had built especially for the event. He made it very engaging.

Take homes:

  • Move from the web and go mobile
  • Engagement Theory (specifically to an app game):
    • Make a challenge with measurable success
    • Make it social
    • Ability to try again, repeatedly
    • Think about mobile moments roadmap (when does someone reach for the phone)

Think about gamifying what it is they do

Fiona Anderson – Rocktime

Fiona discussed marketing briefs for when you come to have a website built or if you are building them for clients.

Take homes:

    • 5 things to do before writing a marketing brief for web design:
      • ASK the audience what they want. What problems have they got?
      • Build personas. What characteristics do these users have?
      • Define the user’s intent. What terms are users using to find your site?
      • Unique Value Proposition. Solve a problem and make each landing page unique to the users
      • User content audit. Constantly update or remove outdated content
      • Think about user experience. Get into their eyes
      • Develop a conversation with your content
      • Build brand trust

Build your site for future learning of the user

Mark Masters – The ID Group (podcast: Marketing Homebrew Podcast)

A personal fave. He may kill me, but he felt like a wise Seth Godin. Better looking.

Take homes:

  • We are missing out on a better understanding of our audience
  • Where can you add value?
  • Can you foster a community with your audience?
  • Think of ourselves as a ‘channel’. Be more compelling and have a purpose
  • 8 things to think about:
    • You need people to connect with the audience on an emotional level
    • Live the life you lead in the eye’s of others
    • You have a goal to share and the obstacles that come in the way
    • Accept that you need to find better ways to communicate than ‘read our latest blog’
    • You can create platforms that you can put a stamp on that no one can replicate
    • Realise you can build unwavering trust
    • Give people what they want rather than what you think you need
    • Find your space so you can become comfortable with it

Everything starts and ends with serving an audience

Paul Hamblin – Treehouse Digital

Cool presentation. He owns a production company and I will be having a meeting with him later. Expect to see some unique offerings soon.

  • The web is not just cat videos
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text
  • 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention on a video
  • Why you suck at telling stories’:
    • You’re not honest about your budget
    • You don’t know what you want to achieve with the video
    • You don’t spend time coming up with a good idea. Pre-production
    • Things I wish you know’:
    • A bad video is damaging to your brand
    • Bad sound is unforgivable
    • Filmmaking is organic
    • Audiences are fickle (except everyone over at Jamie G Ward!)
    • Be brave

You complicate it and shoe-horn crap into it

Phillipa Hale – Open Limits

Phillipa was brave to take the lunch time lull slot. Nice change of pace. Talked more about strategy than technicalities of digital marketing

Take homes:

  • We are teaching smart people to change
  • People are driven by emotions
  • We have to get the customer to a place where they can be an ambassador for our business
  • Kotter’s 8 steps’:
    • Establish a sense of urgency/excitement
    • Form a credible leadership team
    • Create a vision
    • Communicate the vision
    • Empower others to act on the vision
    • Plan for short wins/interactions/get agile
    • Consolidate improvements/capitalise
    • Keep scanning the horizon. What’s coming next?

100 micro conversations persuade people to change, not corporate announcements

Richard Spender – A Thousand Monkeys

Very relevant to me. He teaches you how to write text/blogs. He touched on some punctuations to use/avoid. I’ll follow up on one of his events.

Take homes:

  • ‘.’ using these more makes content a lot more digestible
  • ‘-’ makes people suspicious jargon is being used
  • ‘?’ use in headlines to provoke in engagement (hehe look at the start)
  • ‘Gary’ find your inner gary (I loved seeing this given Jamie Gary Ward). The point was to find someone or something that can connect with your audience
  • Use. short. sentences.
  • Make text more conversational. Feels human
  • We/you balance… focus on the YOU, the audience
  • Avoid jargon

Read out loud after you write it

Andy Headington – Adido (The Attention Agency)

It was good to see Andy touch on the dark side of marketing. As a nonmarketer myself, I felt a little uneasy throughout the day. Ethical marketing is a must. I was delighted when he started talking about regions of the brain. I immediately thought of my article ‘How Game Of Thrones Destroys A Winning Mindset’.

Take homes:

  • The attention problem:
    • We’re addicted to checking our phones
    • Goldfish attention span 9 seconds. Humans, 8 seconds. Ha
    • Average American has over 31 hours of activity a day. Prize for the person who works this out in the comments
    • The consumer is there to be respected. Don’t just grab their attention
    • Is it devaluing the content they are reading
    • Numbers are bullshit:
    • Numbers don’t tell the real story. Think about exit polls at the election
    • Communicate your WHY. Links to our emotional part of the brain
    • Think of Apple talking of ‘why’ rather than their features
    • Advertising in gyms… captive audience

Be utterly simple with your messaging

Event take homes: Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Focus on them and not myself. I hope I already do this but this has encouraged me to deliver the best I can for you guys.

Many Thanks to Matt Desmier for putting on the event. Be sure to check out his other event, ‘Silicon Beach’. I shall see you all there.

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