2. Dr. Jack Kruse: Mitochondria, Sunlight & Quantum Biology

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Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is currently in private practice in the Gulf South.

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  • Hi Jamie, Love the podcast so far in particular this one with Jack. In the podcast Jack talks about a discussion he had with a CEO of a lighting company that is looking to bring full spectrum lighting to the workplace. Would you know the company he is talking about? Looking to get a hold of some full spectrum bulbs before the long winter evening kick in here is Ireland! Cheers and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for that! The CEO was Sarah Morgan at Nano-Lit Technologies… What’s your reason for the lights? Day time or night time?

      1. Cheers for the info and quick reply Jamie. Working as a software manager most of the day time is spent in the office during the long winter months. Ideally I make use of the natural light by turning off the overhead tube lights in the office when possible but coming into winter as you know yourself in these parts it will be pitch black come 5 o’ clock. My reason for the lights was to get exposure to full spectrum lighting during that time that I need to work indoors and the lights need to be on. I already have a few hacks in the office like use of f.lux, positioning my monitor in front of a window and using a salt lamp to provide a different spectrum of light on the desk. Looking at adding blue blockers soon if I can locate a supplier in Ireland/UK.

        1. Hi Aaron,

          Thanks for the context (context is king).

          So, a few things (FYI, cool that you are doing a few bits already):

          – Try Iris, it is similar to flux, but I came across it a few weeks ago. Differences being that it allows you to reduce the colour temperature more than flux, by quite a bit. I think this will be really important come winter when it gets darker and you can’t avoid screen time. However, the major thing is flickering. When we lower the brightness on our fancy screens they flicker more (unlikely to notice consciously). Iris allows you to keep the brightness on the computer settings at full whack, and then their own app you reduce the brightness on (i.e. rather than the computer’s settings). I must admit, I don’t know how but supposedly the flicker reduces. I’ve felt a lot better since using. It also programs in breaks, which I find useful.
          – If you are going to start playing with light, don’t forget what you will require during the day is different to at night. So, daytime full spectrum makes sense. However, at night time there is no light (to encourage the sleep hormone melatonin), therefore full spectrum is a confusing message to the body. Look to use red light/candles etc. Blue is the enemy.
          – Glasses wise – do you wear prescription? Essilor and Crizal make daytime blue blockers (available in UK – message if you can’t find optician as I can send you mine). To be honest, I think all these day time blue blockers don’t cut it, just depends if you have the gonads to wear something like Uvex or BPI 550 tints in front of colleagues (BPIs the same optician can deal with). I use BPI550s as much as possible to be honest. The harm of blue light goes a lot deeper than just circadian biology (although, the most important).
          – This winter I am going to be using tanning beds and my vitamin D lamp made by Sperti. Another friend is not doing this and trying to go natural. We are going to compare notes as the rest of our lifestyle/nutrition is pretty in tune. If that’s of interest, we will document in this group:

          Any questions then give me a shout

          1. Hi Jamie,

            Again cheers for the very detailed reply, appreciate all the tips one can get. I did try Iris after hearing about it on Ben’s podcast a few weeks ago. However it started to produce a strobe effect everytime I started up my PC. Perhaps I had not configured it correctly so I uninstalled it. I will give it another whirl.
            On the full spectrum lights these are only for the office at work not for home so I wont be using them at night (unless I get stuck at the office!). At home I am already driving my partner mad by running around turning off as many lights as possible and trying to only use the free standing lights that have a warmer type light in place. She thinks I have lost it completely when I try explain what I am doing. Im sure thats something alot of us who explore some of these rabbit holes hear from the partners!!
            On the glasses, I do not wear prescription nor do I mind looking out of place in the office. I already “stand” out as I am currently using a standing desk surrounded by some peace lily plants and a salt lamp on my desk so a pair of Uvex glasses will only add to my “hippy” appearance.
            With regards to the tanning beds are you selective of which type you are using? UVB only? I have never set foot in a tanning booth yet but have thought about it a few times!
            I will be following yourself and Ricky’s progress on this and might have to sneak off to a booth myself. Although im sure the other half will wonder where im getting the healthy glow from mid Winter!

          2. Hey Aaron,

            Interesting about Iris! If that’s the case, stick with Flux!!

            Haha I think the partners never quite know what we are up to! My last ex was great with it. Now I’ll have to lay it onto someone new, which should be interesting!!

            Yeah I looked for a low pressure bed (has more UVB rays). I am actually contemplating getting one for home. I am going to see if I can blend UV and red tubes (advertised as collagen beds) potentially.

            Main thing for me in the winter though is sticking with the HCT/CT as it is having a big impact on me everytime (more than anything else I have tried).

            Currently testing red light a bit more (I bought some stuff from red light man) and will test it on GDV camera.

            Chuck anything you want into the Facebook group by the way.

            Jamie G Ward

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