7. Andrew Scarborough – Beating Brain Cancer With A Powerful Mindset

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Andrew Scarborough, of My Brain Cancer Story, is an inspiring survivor of a ‘terminal’ brain cancer.  Andrew took an unorthodox approach to his treatment and turned down the traditional treatments that were offered to him. He explored the ketogenic diet, as well as many other protocols. He now spends his time spreading the message that there are many ways to approach a cancer diagnosis.

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Show Notes:

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Grounded – Heat Creation Training Facebook Group

Biohacker Summit UK

Low Carb High Fat

Dr. Adrienna Scheck

Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Tommy Wood on The Better Me Podcast

Adonis Complex Book


Stephanie Lipscomb


Lance Armstrong

Cancer Is A Metabolic Disease Book

Tripping Over The Truth Book

HS- CRP Test

Mindset – Carol Dweck

Ketone/Glucose Meter

Dr. Jack Kruse

Light – Medicine Of The Future

Geoff Pilkington

Ketogenic Diet Resource



Misguided Medicine Book

Happiness By Design Book

Free Writing



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