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Questions taken from my Facebook page:

Some bio hackers say eat within 30 min of waking up…then how do could one IF if you have to eat upon waking up?

What hacks did you/do you use to combat any particular problem or to reach optimal and did/do you measure this?

What are the main health benefits have you noticed and what protocols would you attribute to those, whether they be as a collective or individually. (hope that makes sense)…

I’d like to hear more about supplemental light in autumn/winter, like tanning lamps/beds, UFO lights, blacklights etc As someone from UK, I think it’s cool to have our own podcaster who can share local info

Would love to hear more about what you did with EPCOT and the benefits you noticed. Also what led you to believe EPCOT would be helpful for you.


EPCOT Protocol 

Cyrex Labs Arrays

Grounded – Heat Creation Training

Philips TL/01 UVB Narrowband Vitamin D Bulbs


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